Automotive Marketing

Tina Turner Once Was the Face of Plymouth

“That’s right. Plymouth”

Tina Turner in a TV ad for Plymouth (sources: YouTube and Freepik)
Along with the Laser, the Acclaim was a brand new Plymouth for 1989

Way of the World

“Unfortunately, the Plymouth Laser is the only one you can take home with you”

It Takes Two

“You know what they’re gonna say? Same thing as the salesman”

What You Get Is What You See

“So if you’re not serious about a new car, you’d better stay away from this one”

We Don’t Need Another Hero

“Six big, gorgeous men… that’s something I like in a car”



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Danillo Almeida

Content writer and engineer-to-be who aspires to work in car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.