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New Wagoneers Take Jeep to a New Level

Jeep brought back two gems to fight the best SUVs around the world and make its future even shinier

Jeep Grand Wagoneer in blue and Wagoneer in red
The Wagoneer has taller grilles and lights whereas the Grand Wagoneer uses a sleeker, but just as imposing profile

What makes it unattainable?

While both cabins are fancy, the Grand Wagoneer stands out with high-end materials and plenty of tech

How exactly has it gone global?

On the back, the Grand Wagoneer is sleeker again but stands out by using more chrome accents

What do the new Wagoneers represent?

The Wagoneer is the typical full-size SUV while the Grand version uses technology to dazzle

What can we expect from Jeep?

Easter eggs are few and simple here: the USA flag on the doors and model name displayed instead of Jeep’s

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