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Long Wheelbase is a Challenge for Car Design

Extending the car between the axles has become quite a versatile visual resource. However, there are not many ways to do it right

Audi A8 L Horch
Traditional limousines, like the Cadillac Fleetwood, are made by cutting the car in half and reconstructing the central part, only longer

What is long wheelbase?

Vans like the Dodge Caravan need room for people and cargo, so they usually have their rear overhang extended as well

Why is it difficult to design?

The Toyota Hilux shows how flexible pickups can be. However, automakers do not offer all combinations to limit the wheelbase’s variation

What cars have a long wheelbase?

Automakers now use complex plans to create LWB versions: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class L has exclusive rear doors and third windows

Why do the Chinese like long wheelbase?

Porsche’s solution for the Panamera was to place the rear door handle further from the upper crease to minimize the visual disruption

What solutions are used now?

Opel Zafira Life in short (left), medium (center) and large wheelbases (source: WheelsAge)



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