Car Industry Chronicles

Design is Embracing Globalization, but There’s Still a Long Way to Go

Regional projects have been receiving more opportunities than ever to become global, but not without going through changes

Developed in Brazil, the Volkswagen Nivus will only go to Europe after having some changes
The 2300 was developed for Brazil and released in 1974 using a project two generations older, originally released in 1950

Different needs, different products

Developed in Brazil, the Elba is the station wagon of the Fiat Uno, but went to Italy under the low-cost Innocenti brand

What exactly happens?

The second-generation Fox is a subcompact which went to Europe one category below the one it had in Brazil

Are there other cases?

Rare exception: the Chevrolet Meriva was taken to Europe as Opel with nothing but small changes

How to deal with that?

The Ford EcoSport was designed in Brazil, but catered to some European preferences like having the fifth wheel inside

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