BMW 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series and 7 Series

Car Design

Why Do German Cars Look the Same?

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have always been criticized for that, but the truth is that we have to give their work a closer look

Audi has adopted full-width taillights on all its most recent models (source: WheelsAge)
Mercedes-Benz’s sedans with the AMG Line package. Top row: A-Class (left) and C-Class. Bottom row: E-Class (left) and S-Class (source: WheelsAge)

A matter of market focus

BMW’s current convertible lineup. Top row: 2-Series (left) and 4-Series. Bottom row: Z4 (left) and 8-Series (source: WheelsAge)

One maker, one product

Audi’s lineup of conventional SUVs. Top row: Q3 (left) and Q5. Bottom row: Q7 (left) and e-tron (source: WheelsAge)

Unify and conquer

Volkswagen plans to follow those steps with the ID line. Top row: ID.3 (left) and ID.4. Bottom row: ID.5 (left) and ID.6 (source: WheelsAge)

Is it the perfect strategy?

Opel’s models according to its latest design identity. Top row: Mokka (left) and Astra. Bottom row: Crossland (left) and Grandland (source: WheelsAge)



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Danillo Almeida

Content writer and engineer-to-be who aspires to work in car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.