Car Industry Chronicles

Are We Finally Ready for Minicars?

Technology has improved, efficiency has increased, demands have changed… have our minds already opened enough?

The Daihatsu Taft is a modern example of kei car
The AMC Gremlin is considered the first hatchback car

What is the background here?

Originally named City Coupé, the Smart ForTwo is a German minicar

Now, what arguments are there?

The Aston Martin Cygnet tried a luxury take, but it was a sales flop

Why are we talking about them again?

The Renault Twizy is a French example of modern minicar

How is today’s scenario?

The Leia Gabriel LUV is a modern interpretation of luxury minicar

How should modern minicars be?



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Danillo Almeida

Content writer and engineer-to-be who aspires to work in car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.