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April Fools’ is an Unexpected Event Automakers Like to Celebrate

If there ever was a positive kind of fake news, it would surely be what has become an inexpensive, yet engaging marketing strategy

  • Some automakers celebrate April 1st every year by making their own jokes
  • While silly and simple, those actions can engage especially young customers
The “Digital Camo” paint on a BMW X2 is only one of the lightest jokes made for this day
Toyota once took the Mazda2 not only to convert it into the Yaris but also to make a pickup concept out of it

How are those cars different?

That’s the beauty of it: pretty much anything can happen. Opel and Mini used the 2014 World Cup to give the Astra and the Paceman special editions which got to the point of covering floor and seats with soccer-court grass. BMW and Mini have also invested in non-themed concoctions like the X2’s camouflaged paint seen on this Chronicle’s second photo and a Cooper with body and roof painted with silver chrome finish.

Scissor doors are an exclusivity of hypercars, right? Well, Mini is not going to — actually — do something about it

How can all that engage customers?

First of all, by getting attention. Those cars are shown on the company’s social networks just like any other, so it is very easy for people and press to see them and share the news. Sometimes, the specialized media play along and publish seemingly serious articles which only remind the reader of their true intention through a short note at the end of the text. Once again, someone always falls for them every single year.

It would be rather questionable to offer caipirinha in a car if it wasn’t an April Fools’ joke

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