What comes to your mind when we talk about design? Huge houses that could appear in a movie? Trendy clothes worn by top models on international runways? Gourmet dishes which offer a unique mix of ingredients, flavors and textures? Well, that’s design, indeed. But be sure that it’s only a part of it.

Design is the niche of artwork created with an objective purpose. It depends on the application, as mentioned, but also time, place, skill, cost, and the audience. As a result, there are endless possibilities to work on design. Finding the ones that effectively send the message you want is the biggest challenge here.

When it comes to cars, design has made all kinds of examples, whether positive or negative. However, the fact that it is abstract makes it difficult to appreciate. There are so many aspects to analyze that even specialists get surprised at times. Design is a continuous invitation to rethink every product that surrounds us.

This blog attempts to honor that by focusing on… car design. Here, you will read about events that have occurred in the automotive industry motivated by design in any way. Every article will use a different group of car models as examples. They are also a nice way to brush up your skills and memories!

The best way you can show me your appreciation is by using the comment section to share your opinions, mention more models that could be used as examples on any given article, and even suggesting new ideas for future posts. I hope you have a good time!


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