New Normal

Line of luxury electric cars was quickly expanded to get ahead of the crowd and set the trends this market is going to follow

Market Trends

Once considered abominable, this body style has done so much for global sales that it is redefining the priorities of this segment


Not many advertisement campaigns for automobiles have been packed with that level of both style and symbolism

Regional Design

Currently built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, model is about to end nearly five decades filled with ups and downs of all kinds

Industrial activity

Everyone is talking a lot about the rise of EVs, but the truth is that there is another issue causing much more immediate effects

Old-school design

Long before global crises of all types, automakers had different rules to comply with and that resulted in quite interesting cars

Design Trends

While latest releases have not been great hits, using all the new elements on one car and none on the other is not the solution

Video Advertisement

While this type of marketing is often associated to Volkswagen in the 1960s, the Italian maker has some strong examples of its own

Automotive Design

Eleventh-generation coupé and sedan show that, sometimes, it is possible to change a winning team for the better

Corporate image

Revamped logo, colors and fonts are always good to see, but they mean a lot more once you know the Romanian maker’s history

Danillo Almeida

Writer and future engineer striving to work with car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.

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