Past vs. Future

All-new Land Cruiser is the old-school SUV many people claim to want back. After all those years, though, is that still true?

Bicycle Design

Belgian maker joins a group of design-savvy competitors which are using the rise of EVs to rethink basic concepts of their craft

History of Design

Brutalist tendencies here, loose safety regulations there, add a history of supercars and you get quite the interesting creations

Automotive Luxury

British maker sees Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz investing in high luxury and raises them by going back to full customization

Market Trends

Though the all-new F-150 Lightning was a predictable action for Ford, it was made in a way that manages to help all electric cars

Top Five

Automotive industry has always toyed with retro design, but the 2000s was the time where it had the most attention (and cars)

Four-wheeled Trends

50th anniversary of the Manta coupé was celebrated with a one-off concept which uses the past to anticipate future ventures

Design References

G70 Shooting Brake intends to make Genesis’ future brighter but was designed with adorable typical elements of past decades

Brand Management

Stellantis has finally drawn a plan to deal with its several brands. Let’s take a look at how they are now and what they could do

Automotive Industry

While the Elise’s demise is heartbreaking, it’s only the latest move of a company that has relied on partnerships to stay competitive

Danillo Almeida

Writer and future engineer striving to work with car design. If you like cars but not the stereotypes that surround them, give my articles a try.

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